Twisting Scripture 3

Chris Gardner

August 12, 2018

Chapter Nine, and just dive into that this morning, um, last week we stopped. We were talking about the way we build our lives, and so if you don't have a handout, raise your hand. Jacob is going to get one for ya. He standing back there. If you don't have one, you need one. Asked for one of those please. But we talked about the danger of twisting scripture and how dangerous it is and how God views the fact that you twist scripture. If you twist scripture, it's a big deal for God. He does not like you're twisting scripture. By the way, this implies that you must know scripture. Now, can I say that in the day and age we live in, the normal thing is for people to sit in the congregation and listened to the scripture expert talk. If you're doing that, then that is a major, major flaw, but kits.

What you need to understand this, we need to know scripture before we can know whether scripture is being twisted. If you don't have any knowledge of scripture, it's going to hurt you. You need to make sure and understand scripture yourself. So we talked about the danger God cannot stand people that twist his word, that make his word say stuff that it doesn't say. The second thing we're looking at is this. We have a propensity to twist scripture. In other words, it's not just them, but the funny thing about it is this, no one of us or no one we know that say they believed the scriptures would say, well, of course I twist scriptures. Nobody would say that. But what we have to understand is the number one person we have to be concerned with in the twisting of scriptures is not the guy down the street.

The main person we need to be concerned with, into twisting of scriptures is us. And why is that? So last week we talked a little bit about, um, the foundation and the way that a Christian should live his life and he should live his life. We read that, uh, helped us out with this little graphic here and the bottom portion of it. And what gives everything its foundation is the word of God. We have to have the word of God as our foundation. That is what needs to be the foundation of everything that we believe in is the word of God after the word of God didn't we have this thing called the worldview, a worldview, the way you see the world around you. By the way, your world view looks way different than the worldview of Peruvians. You look at life differently than they do.

I was in Albania. I've been there a few times and and Albania. Their worldview is way different than peruse worldview and then America's Worldview, but as Christians, our worldview changes, and the funny thing is this, an Albanian that knows Jesus and as a follower of Christ will look way more like an American that knows Jesus and follows Christ than even another Albanian. Because our worldview is dictated by the scripture. The scripture dictates our worldview after the world. Then we go to our personal preference. We all have personal preferences and our personal preference should be dictated by our world view, which is dictated by the scriptures. Now, can I just say this? There is nothing further from the way we live our lives. Then that graphic for most people, because we don't really live our life based upon scriptures, we lived our lives, our lives based upon anything but scriptures and what we tend to do when we're talking about our propensity to twist scripture, what we tend to do is it is something that comes naturally because living a life where the word of God dictates what you do.

That's not an option for a person that calls themselves a Christian. Living this way does not come naturally. It does not come naturally to live your life like this, it does not come naturally. The natural way to live your life is exactly the opposite of that. Living our life like like a Christian does not come naturally. It can only come supernaturally. It can only come as the holy spirit. Dwelling inside of us teaches us how to live. The word of God should dictate everything that I say and do, and this is truly the sign of a follower of Christ is truly the sign of a follower of Christ. You can see an everything that they do that their life has shaped and based upon the word of God. Sadly, in our day and age, we have more followers of pastors than we do followers of Christ. We have followers of pastors way more than we have followers of Christ.

We have followers of churches way more than we have followers of Christ. Our first questions that always be, what does the word of God say about this? Our first question should always be, what does the word of God say about this? The sad thing for in my mind is this, when I hear Christians loving talking about is the will of God, but they don't love talking about the word of God, but you can't divorce those two, but man, I want to do God's will, will you cannot do God's will if you don't know God's word, God's not some genius in heaven going while I've planned this out for you initially. You got to do this. You've got to do this. He's saying, I gave you my word. That's supposed to dictate every single thing about your life, the word of God and all of us deal with this next thing. We all have a world. You listen, we all have this world view their, their, their eyes that we looked through to see the world around us. A follower of Christ, a disciple has decided that this world, you will be informed by the word of God and not the other way around. You know, we we live in a day and age of the media telling us what the belief and fake news and true news and halfway true news and we've all gotten to choose on which one we think is fake and which one's not, but we all live in a day and age of the media shapes the way that we think we're the Christian should be shaped the way he thinks by the word of God. We don't live like everybody else lives. What God's word says is a filter through which I get my worldview. Understand that even if a person looks good and it's good does not mean that they are good because the scripture gives a different definition, and America, Christianity and American are almost synonyms. It's like you know, I place my faith in Christ. It's about like saying, I learned to my table manners like it's normal. It's the normal thing in America to call ourselves a Christian and I would not call us a Christian nation anymore, but it is viewed as something that's okay for us to do, but a Christian doesn't live his life that way because of America or because of his family.

He lives that way because of the word of God. The Bible says, all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We've shaped our world view through the lens of the scripture. We shape our worldview through the lens of the scripture. Because of that, we have the personal preferences that goes in the right place. Our personal preferences are important, and here's the deal. The number one enemy that we fight against is our personal preference. I said last week, none of us ever taught our kids to say the word mine, but it is amazing how quickly they learn it in an amazing how I'm not. I've not been in the nursery at river church, but I can guarantee you it's like every other nursery at every other church and every other part of the United States of America and Peru and anywhere else in the world in Peru, one of the first words they learn, his meal, you means mine gets it.

One of the first words in English that we learned is mine. We live a life where one of our major enemies is our personal preference, but as a Christian, our personal preferences also informed by our world view, which is informed by the word of God. God's Word is what pushes my world view, which then dictates my personal preference. The natural man, the is insane. He views everything the exact opposite way and that's where I want to start today. They view everything the exact opposite way. The natural man lost his personal preferences to dictate his worldview. Okay? Personal preference is going to dictate the worldview and then the world view is going to dictate his view of the Bible by the way. You have people that watch CNN and then you have people that watch Fox News and let me just tell you they are not the same person and guess what happens? These people get this world view and these people get this world view and all of them get this world view, but they get this world view from their personal preference. They to listen to the slant of a CNN or they prefer to listen to the slant of a Fox News or they prefer to listen to some other slant. That then informs their worldview and in their world view dictates how they view the scripture and the way you know these people when they talk Bible is this. They love Cherry picking versus you might even think they know their Bible, but they love Cherry picking versus they're like, hey, well disperse says, and what I always love asking is this. I go, does it really? Okay?

And it's funny the way they do. They react to that because they'll go, you know what the good book says, the Good Book says, and I go, does it really?

And I'm quiet long enough for it to get a little bit awkward, and then they're like, well, doesn't it? Because they don't really know what they're speaking. What they do is they cherry picked, but that's the way we all do. We had this personal preference, and by the way, can I just say this? Theologians do the same thing. People that spend all of their life study and scripture that go to the scripture saying, this is my personal preference. This is going to dictate my world view, which then dictates the way that I see the scripture. I look through the scriptures through this crazy lens and the bad thing is this. We think that everybody but us has lenses through which to look at scriptures and so the natural man, he personal references around dictate everything about his world view, but then he decides what he thinks about the word of God and the question is, how in the world could that go wrong? What could go wrong with that? What we'll see, what we do with that is we're literally sticking it on its head and we're saying, now, show me how solid you are because of my personal preferences dictate, you know, there's so many things in our life. We've got to decide what we believe, but we're not deciding the right way because we don't decide through scriptures. We decided through our personal preference. We tend to wonder what the problem is, but this is exactly how everything in our lives go wrong. Someone else, someone says, Hey, do you give to the church and you say, no, I can't afford it. This shows your worldview.

Say, do you give your time to disciple other people? No, I don't have time to do that. That shows your worldview, but guess what? Your worldview is dictated by. Do you spend time training people? Do you spend time loving people that you spend time mentoring people and when you answer, no, I don't have time. What you're saying is my world view is totally opposite of what it shouldn't be. I looked through my life through my personal preferences, which then sends me to my world view of I can't afford to do what God has called me to do, but God never calls us to do that, which we can't do. It's not like God and Heaven said, well, I'm going to make you do 73 things and it's only possible for you to do seven of them. God doesn't do that.

Well. We live in a day and age where we put everything upside down. Do you tell others about Jesus and we love saying no. Religion is a personal thing. Religion is a personal thing. Do you tell other? Did they did? Shows your world do you? Did you forgive you? Forgive those who hurt. You know I could never do that. Do you do that? Don't you understand that mayor worldview show that we're truly followers of Christ. The Bible teaches us in first and second Timothy Three 16, that the scripture is given to us for these purposes. The Bible says this, all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. This doesn't mean by the way that we listened to anybody who stands behind the pulpit that's not at all well, that's talking about, well, let's talk to you about is you studying the scriptures. Most preaching is done by barely glancing at the word and in shock sharing opinions about it. That would never be upheld by scriptures at all. Like literally it goes, here's my opinion. Great. I don't know if you know this or not, but I don't want your opinion. I'm a Christian. I want the word of God and that matters, and you say, how does that matter for Romans nine and you're going to see you want to dive into it, but Romans nine is, is is, is written by this idea of opinions. We must take much care in what we're listening to their on your papers. We mentioned take much Karen. What were your list and that we are listening to and learning from people that are true to scriptures. We've got to be very, very, very careful that we're listening to people that are true to scriptures and can I say this?

I've probably met with 300 families over the last 10 years that are looking for a church and they'll give you a million different ways that they're looking for a church. Well, we're looking for a church with a good youth program. We're looking for a church with a good children's program. We're looking for a church with a good music program. We're looking for a church, but did you know that I have never heard anybody at all. In the 300 people I've talked to say to me what we're looking for a place that preaches truth, that teaches truth. I've never heard anybody start their conversation by saying that's what matters now. Now of course we want a good youth department, but truth matters more than that, and because of that, they'll sell off what they believe because it doesn't really matter in it's foundational to who they are. What we just. Just because something sounds like a good idea doesn't mean that it is. We've gotten to take much care and who we listened to, what we must understand is that we're always like children that are following their father. Children don't always make the best decisions. I don't know if you knew that or not, but children don't always make the best decisions. If you were to ask a child what he wants to eat for supper, you probably wouldn't approve it at all. No. What would your kids eat for supper now? Like, Hey, what do you want name for supper? Most people are not going to say, well, I want some veggies. I like veggies. They, you know what they would say, mom, we have a snickers bar. I think I'll take the snickers bar and I want an ice to drink and I want to like, would, they would have this list of crazy stuff and.

But, but, but do you know that the way that we approach our churches as much like kids, we look at it and we're like that on the menu. I like that on the menu. I like that on the menu. Let's go there. Well guess what? That doesn't lead to a nutritional health, healthy lifestyle. If you're asking child, would you want a secret shopper? You probably wouldn't have proved. Most parents wouldn't be cool with their child. Eat Ice Cream, donuts and candy for supper. Most kids, most parents, if you're one of the parents that would don't tell my kids because they want to be adopted, some of them will be readopted into a new family of eating donuts and ice cream and but of course you wouldn't approve that. Here's what we have to understand. We all have a tendency to believe the wrong thing.

Stop looking at your next door neighbor or someone that thinks differently than you and say, well, he just has a tendency, Jay understand. I have a tendency to want to believe the wrong thing. Isaiah chapter 53, verse six describes, well, what us humans are like. Isaiah chapter 53, verse six explains very well what humans are like. It says, all we could put that back up there, please, sir. It says, how many first two words wouldn't say always. No, no, no, no, no. That's, that's. That's me as well, right? It does that include you. Oh, we like sheep have gone astray. We have turned everyone to his own way and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. What he's saying is this, you know what our tendency is, you know what Justin trotters tendency is Justin trotters tendency is to go his own way and to be twisting scriptures because he likes to apply on to his life and it.

It's weird to say that to Justin about Justin, isn't it? Because the truth of the matter, Justin is I have the same problem. Don't we all have that problem? Don't we? Hall had this idea of justifying what we think we might like or what we might believe. Look what he says. All sheep have gone astray. That's the reason we need Jesus and that's what this passage is talking about. God has given us the word to correct our thinking. Okay? The word of God, one of its main purposes is to correct our thinking. Now, if you can't tell me some way, the word of God has corrected your thinking in the last year, then you probably don't even need to call yourself a Christian because the word correct our thinking and no matter how mature we get in the word, as we grow, we're sitting there going, man, this. Correct. My thinking, it makes me look at stuff differently. God has given the word to correct our thinking. We live in a culture that screens one thing at us all day and everyday, and then the word centers our lives and we live based upon the truth of his word. See, here's the deal. God gave us the word as well as the local church to help us in our propensity to always believe what we want to believe instead of truth. Don't we all have this list of things? We want to believe that we all have this list of things that we want to believe what we want to say, what we want to believe, what we want to think. We all have that Ephesians chapter four, verse 11 tells us a little bit about the church.

Come on Adam. You sit next to this. I could do it right here in that red shirt and I'm going in. Here is my friend Adam had been my friend for a long, long time, hadn't seen him in a long time. Ephesians chapter four. Here's what Ephesians four says about the church. Ephesians four says and verse 11, and he gave some apostles and some prophets and some evangelists and some prophets and teachers, and he says, here's the reason, the reason I gave these was for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. I gave these people so that they would help edify the body of Christ and he says, until when? So we all come to a unity in the faith and the knowledge of the son of God unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the Statute of the fullness of Christ.

Here's what we have to understand. God gave these gifts to the church. Do you know the gifts that God gave to the church looks a lot different than what we want to talk about. A lot of times the gifts God gave to the church was the gift of the pastor, the gift to the elders, the gift or the even the deacons in our church that is a gift of God to our church, but why did he give it? God gave these gifts to the church for their maturing. For the church to grow and to be more like their father, that's the reason he gave them. There's a need for church fulfilling this in our lives and and, and you can't go to youtube and grow like you can in local church because you know what happens with youtube. With Youtube, you pick and choose guests who you pick and choose. You pick and choose those people that say what you want them to say. See, we pick and choose people on Youtube the same way we hit like on facebook. Oh, we like it, so we'll listen to it. But see, that's not the idea of a local church. If you've not been to the local church and felt almost kind of ticked off that Chris would say that because you think he was talking to you, then you're probably not in a good local church. You probably need to find another one because see, it's the maturing of the church has to do with that. There's a need for a church in fulfilling this area of our life. There's the. This is the reason, the right kind of church matters. We tend to chew, chew, choose churches for anything but the right reasons, not not preference. Would you seek out a church that doesn't preach what we like, but the preachers, what the Bible says that preaches? The Bible says, I had the privilege of meeting with some people this week that said, Chris, let me just say that when these people speak at our church, we know that they're saying what the scriptures say and that really matters to us a lot. I was like, that's the biggest compliment that you could ever give anybody that stands behind the pulpit, but because guess what?

Chris's opinion stinks. Chris has no earthly idea what he's talking about. Chris has a propensity to want to twist scriptures. Chris has not the guy you want to listen to, but the word of God is he should be in a church that preaches and teaches in a way that helps us grow, but grow in the word. Before we can deal with and understand this weakness. We got to understand that this is not only our weakness, their weakness, but it's our weakness as well. So I saw the danger twisting scripture, we see our, our proclivity Detroit scripture, but the question has to arise, what does this have to do with Romans and what we're seeing here? Well, now we're about to dive into Romans chapter nine and this is what everybody's waiting on to see where in the world that's Chris Landon, all this, unless you've been on the phone with me and then you know, because I'm always talking about it.

How do we handle the scriptures and what they say really matters. And one of the most debated passages in the scripture, how we rented them, how are we handling really, really matters. So Romans, chapter nine, and what you might not understand is that there's no other passage and all the Bible that is as debated as Romans Chapter Nine, chapter 10 and chapter 11. For a matter of fact, every time I've said to my friends, I'm preaching through Romans their immediate answers almost always. So you're going to skip over Romans nine, 10, and 11. I'm like, nope. We're going to dive right in. And Roland goes through it and that's what we're going to talk about today. My goal is that we'll go through this passage and see this. What does the Bible say? What does the Bible say? I don't really care what everyone else thinks or what such and such a dead theologian said, I don't really care what I care about is what the scriptures say, because this is where the rubber meets the road.

Because here's the deal. The world is sick and tired of people that say they believe the scriptures. Because most people that say they believe the scriptures don't live the scriptures. And because of that, they're sick and tired of it. We need a date. We live in a day and age where people need to see real Christianity lived out because the word of God influences everything that they do. I want to come, uh, come away knowing that I've spoke with the author and if steadied out, not what I believed to be apparent in the scripture. So let's talk about, let's talk about what we're going to do to not get that wrong. Number three, and this is where it all starts, our protection against twisting scriptures. How can we protect ourselves against twisting scriptures and it's 1120 Sharon go 10 minutes into this, but this is probably a two week thing, talking about our protection against twisting scripture.

There's going to let the cat out of the bag about what the big deal about these chapters is. Hearing these chapters. Many people believe that God's saying that he dictates and destined to go to heaven and some to go to hell like it's. It's like this cruel game of Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, that God places like, Hey, heaven, heaven, hell, hell, hell, Heaven, heaven, hell, heaven all, and just chooses who goes to heaven and who goes to hell, and honestly, if he chooses you to go to hell, you really deserve it in the first place. There's not that big of a deal. That's what a lot of people say. The Romans nine through 11 is about. The first thing to consider is that no one believed this in the first three centuries of church history, so no one believed this in the first three centuries of church history. If you want to study church history, you will find that no one believed that in any way form or fashion, and I'm going to do the best that I can, have not mentioning the name of anything or because that's not my goal. My goal is that we go to scriptures. Augustine came along and came up with this idea and then calvin systematized it and made it popular. That would use versus like Romans nine, 11 through 16 to prove their case. Had just finished that message yesterday. What? Um, as we go through those passages, here's what he said in Romans nine, 11 slash 16 for the children being not yet born, that having done any good or evil that the purpose of God according to election might stand not of works, but of him to call us. It was sending to her. The elder shall serve the younger as it is written. Jacob, I have loved and Esau. I have well see case closed. That's what God does in heaven. Love, hate, love, hate, love, hate, love, hate, love, all the people that I said, hey to you, go to hell.

Like that's really what a lot of people think that this passion says, but I'm going to show you. There's no way. By the way, I wouldn't say, and I hate people in this church at all. That was not at all. I all I did say I hated you. Your head was down. He didn't notice it. Jacob. I loved. We have a halo lot. Yeah, exactly. First of all just says, what are we going to say then? Is, is there an righteousness with God? Does God have a problem with this? He said, the two most, I'll have mercy on whom I'm going to have mercy and when have compassion on who? I'm going to have compassion. So there's not of him that Willis north end that run this but God that show us mercy, and our question according to these theologians would be this. We shouldn't ask ourselves why it is that God damned to hell. Our question should be wind the world. Did he rescue some of us for heaven? We didn't deserve that in the first place.

We didn't observe that in the first place. They would see that God hates Esau and Jacob, not because of anything they did at all. We're going to stay the passage more in depth in the next couple of weeks, but just to give you the cliff notes, God, speaking of his plans to a people, not his plans to a person, and that's the number one thing. You have to walk away with enrollments. If you looked at Romans as you've been going through Romans chapter one through chapter eight, the merging of two people's into this church, the gentiles, and then you have the Jews and we're merging into this one place. That's what the whole book is about, and then you come to nine and he says, this is what the people and what. How have chosen to work with the people of God. One of the first requirements for a Bible Study Bible students is to pay attention to context. Context really matters without context. We can make the Bible say just about anything we want it to say. We can make the Bible say anything we want it to say. If you're on social media, you know that's true because you've seen it happen. I've found a lot of these crazy dots from different scriptures the other day that I thought you might enjoy. See, no, don't put the verse up yet, but you know psalm 14, one out of context teachers, just that there is no god, okay, but put psalm chapter 14, verse one there for me, please. There is no god. The fullest sudden his heart there is no god, but all I got to do is erase that first part of it and say, the Bible itself says that there is no god. Hey, and you go. Nobody would ever do that. That's so obvious or nobody there. The fullest sentence aren't. There is no god. They're corrupt. They've done abominable works. There's none that good. You'd say, nobody would ever do that, but see what? You have to understand this. There is no god. The context of that is the whole verse, but the context of Romans nine is not just Romans nine, the context of Romans nine is an entire book and then the entire scriptures built together and we look at this when we go, well, of course you wouldn't say that that would be killing the very first part of the sentence, but that's it's. It's exactly that laughable of a mistake when we killed the passage out of its context, shifting one out of context that we cannot be saved unless we follow the law. Look at acts chapter 15 in verse one place the Bible says, and certain men which came down from Judea taught the brethren and said, except you be circumcised after the manner of Moses, you can't be saved. Okay?

She doesn't the Bible teach you that you have to follow the law to be saved.

No. How about reading the beginning and the end before you get to telling people what it first Timothy six, 10 out of context teachers asked that the money is the root of all evil. So First Timothy Chapter six and verse 10, for the love of money is by the way, I won't kill it, for the love of it. Now, money is the root of all evil. By the way, I love to free you from all the evil that you have at the end of the service room, patsy's basket baskets around, we're going to free you from all the evil that you have. We love to help you out with that because the Bible does say that money is the root of all evil. Now the Bible doesn't say that. You're not allowed to take something out of context. When my kids take something out of context, they get in trouble that they love taking what I say and adding or away from and telling their other siblings what to do with it.

I know y'all have never had kids that have done that before, but, but, but you have kids that love doing that kind of stuff and you know what? We have to be careful when we're taking the scriptures. We do not take stuff out of context. First Corinthians 15, 17, out of text, out of context teaches us that our faith is in vain. He says, and if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain. Oh, let's just kill that. Crush rising part of your faith is vain. First John Two 15 out of context so that we shouldn't love the world. Love not the world. She very simple. They're look first, John Chapter two, verse 15. Look, what does the Bible say? Love, not the world they go, Gosh, when you walk out there and people need to know that you don't love them at all, like when you walk out of here, you need to. You need to have the scowl on your face and if anybody ever asked you for help, you look at them and you just tell them you are the world and I don't love you at all and you'll be following scriptures.

Crazy, isn't it? You would never do that, but we do that all the time with scriptures because we don't understand the context it's going on there. Matthew six, 25 out of context teaches us not to care about our lives. Look at what it says in Matthew Chapter six, verse Twenty Five. Hey, take no thought for your life. Don't even think about yourself, okay, what are you going to eat? What you're going to drink, nor yet for your body. What you're going to put on is not the life more than meat and the body more than more than Raymond. So let me think about it. In case you're wondering, I'm going to bojangles after church because I've already thought about it like I already know what I'm going to be doing. I've already but mercy. The Bible says, don't even think about yourself. First Corinthians 15, 32, she teaches us the exact opposite image of the man or a man I fought with bcit. Emphasis. What advantage of me, if the dead rise not let us eat and drink for tomorrow, we die. You see how crazy the Bible is? No. It's our crazy reading of the Bible. We read the Bible and we say, we're taking this out of context and what we don't understand this all your facebook means only about 100 percent of them are wrong because they take it totally out of context. They say stuff that's not at all meant in the passage. First kings on six out of context, did you just to just go and serve other gods if you don't want to obey God, he says, but if you shall, all Charlotte alternative turn from following me here, your children, you will not keep my commandments and statutes which I have set before you go and serve other Gods and worship them. Score the serve other Gods and worship them. Luke Fourteen, 26 teaches that you should hate your father. Okay, so just in case you're wondering, I want to call my dad today and just tell him how much I hate him. This verse, Luke Fourteen, 26. If any man come to me and hate not his father and mother and wife, maybe we'll have a conversation later on. We'll tell you how much I hate you. Okay. My wife and my children. Jacob. Hannah. Andrea Yahtzee know I hate you all like that. I want you to know that I hate. Okay. Hey, hey, do your brother and your sisters, Yay and and his own life. Also. I don't even like myself. I hate myself to you cannot be my disciple. You see what I'm saying is this, what I'm telling you is it's so easy to twist the scriptures and and I loved what I got on purpose without took scriptures out of context. There were so easy to see the context because it was right before or right after it, but the reason you want to be in a church that preaches the scripture in context is you want to be with a person that you nose dived in the word there, spent time praying in the word. There's time loving the word that is spoken to the officer that is asked God to show him what he's saying, to study and spend time in the word the reason you want that kind of a church and because of this, okay?

Ninety nine percent of verses that are taking out of context are not that easy to see. You had to spend time studying the word of God. These examples are quite crazy and excessive, but just to prove the point that anything can be proven if you do not pay attention to the context of the passage you're trying to interpret. Wrestling a text away from its context is always a dangerous procedure that can lead to serious misinterpretation. Wrestling attacks from its context is always a dangerous procedure that can lead to serious misinterpretation and if there's any passage in the scripture that lends itself to that, it's Romans chapter nine. Romans chapter nine lends itself to that. So we want to stop here because it's 1131. I said 10 minutes and then after that we'll dive in next week and talk about all of it. Romans nine is teaching us and what it means for us as we follow Christ.

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